9 Unique and Unconventional Event Venues in Victoria, BC

9 Unique and Unconventional Event Venues in Victoria, BC

Tired of the same old event experience? You know the one… The rubber chicken dinner in the old hall or hotel banquet room. Not very invigorating or inspiring, is it? Why not add life and energy to your next event by thinking outside the traditional “box” and considering an alternate venue? These are unique and unconventional locations, not necessarily designed and typically used for events – but they can accommodate gatherings and celebrations of all kinds. They will add new excitement and intrigue to your event, while inspiring and providing a breath of fresh air for your guests. Below is a list of some of our favourite unique venues around the Victoria, BC area. We’ve enjoyed producing and attending events at these locations – and we hope you will too.

Please note that the venues are in alphabetical order – not ranked by preference.

BC Aviation Museum – Have you ever considered an aviation museum as the backdrop for your special occasion? What about an empty airplane hangar? Well, you have the opportunity to utilize both with the BC Aviation Museum. The unique space, located near the Victoria International Airport, is home to significant and important aviation artifacts and airplanes from BC’s history. Leveraging this cultural canvas, event planners can transform the museum into an incredible event experience that will leave guests with a newfound love and appreciation for the province’s aviation history.

Bilston Creek Farm – You probably wouldn’t consider a lavender farm near the top of your list of event venues – but you should. This Metchosin farm has been a favourite among wedding planners since opening a few years ago, and now it’s on the radar for other event professionals. The laid-back, peaceful setting provides a therapeutic retreat from the big city, as guests are immersed in nature and the surrounding environment. The landscape of lavender is beautiful, as so is the event space. Constructed entirely of wood, the timberframe barn presents an incredible backdrop for any special occasion. You need to see it to truly appreciate its beauty and grandeur.

(Photo courtesy of Bilston Creek Farm)

Cinderbloc Studio – Situated in an unassuming, quiet building in Esquimalt, this under-the-radar event space is the industrial studio you’ve been looking for. You’re in for a surprise as you enter the building and head up there stairs… Typically used for photography and staged shoots, this venue doubles as an event venue with high ceilings and bare walls. A bit of lighting and a touch of decor can transform this space into the theme of your choice. With a full bar and a built-in sound system, the studio offers a new option for event producers looking to delve outside the box.

KWENCH – Looking for that spark of energy and newfound inspiration for your event? Look no further than KWENCH. This relatively new co-working space blends a historical building with modern interior design in seamless fashion. Their event space features a beautiful painted tile wall and a fully-functioning kitchen. The adaptable space presents a myriad of options for event clients, though we feel that the the environment is best suited for cocktail receptions and small presentations. Did we mention there’s a brewery next door?

(Photo courtesy of James Jones)

Open Space – Call it a hidden gem located smack dab in the middle of downtown Victoria. This cultural, art space has a rich history with a promising future. Initially opened in 1971, the venue has undergone a series of transformations and title changes, but it remains collaborative, community space to this day. The minimal space design can accommodate up to 220 guests and has a generous list of event equipment and capabilities included. Affordable, convenient, and community-oriented, Open Space may be the perfect venue for your next occasion or celebration.

Orca Spirit II – If you’re really looking to switch things up for your next event, set sail on the open seas with the Orca Spirit II. This beautiful vessel, typically used for whale watching, can be booked as a charter for special events. Different areas of the boat accommodates for different functions with the lower deck typically catering to seated events, while the upper deck contains a bar and reception space, as well as a patio out back. Accommodating up to 170 indoors, this vessel boasts flexibility rain or shine, and it can literally provide a breath of fresh air for your event guests looking for new scenery.

Robert Bateman Gallery – Located in the Steamship Terminal building along Victoria’s Inner Harbour, the Robert Bateman Gallery presents a touch of modern, industrial, and minimal for events – with the art of one of Canada’s most famous painters as the backdrop. Whether it’s a stand-up reception for 100 or a sit-down dinner for 50, the gallery is a great option for venue-seekers looking to incorporate art & history into an all-encompassing, immersive event experience. An added bonus is no exclusive on food & beverage, so renters are able to choose their own caterer and acquire their own liquor license, providing flexibility and cost-savings.

(Photo courtesy of Destination Greater Victoria)

Sea Cider – Everyone loves a nice glass of cider, right? What better way to celebrate your next occasion than booking one of the island’s premier cideries. Long time a favourite for weddings, the venue now boasts a new event space that recently opened in early 2020. The new space is warm and inviting, yet bare and simple. The cidery chose such a look, so clients can decorate and design the space to their liking without clashing styles. The turnkey space is perfect for a casual reception or a smaller dinner prepared by one of their preferred caterers – Food for Thought, Toque Catering, or Truffles Catering.

Victoria International Marina – Picture sipping a glass of Prosecco on a beautiful sunny day on a patio along Victoria’s Inner Harbour. That’s what’s possible when booking the Victoria International Marina. Situated in Vic West, the new facility boasts incredible views of the water with the added prestige of a luxury yacht surrounding. And perhaps the most stunning feature of the event space itself? Surprisingly, the floor – it’s something you have to see to believe. With a multitude of event options and layout arrangements, the venue provides the flexibility to support any event up to 150 guests.

(Photo courtesy of West Coast Weddings)

As you can see, the Victoria area is full of unique and unconventional venues that can inspire and energize. Whether it be a wedding, charity gala, staff party, or other special celebration, the options are endless. Combining a refreshing venue with a creative food & beverage presentation, elegant decor, and top-notch entertainment will ensure that your event leaves guests with moments and memories for years to come.

-Aidan & Steph

We know there are many other great venues in and around Victoria, and we’d love to hear some of your favourites. Please add your list (with links) in the comments below, so others can see all the venues we have to offer in the beautiful Victoria area! Thanks in advance.

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