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Diner En Blanc
About This Project

Diner En Blanc is a secret pop-up picnic and a worldwide phenomenon. Invited guests dress in white and converge for an amazing evening of great food, wine, and music among friends and family. It has been deemed one of the most intimate, elegant evenings you will ever attend. The fusion of French culture, decorum, etiquette, magnificence, and harmony creates a night of magical bliss. Brink Events produces the Victoria event.

For Victoria’s fourth installment of Diner En Blanc, we decided to switch gears and cross the bridge choosing the Delta Ocean Pointe Hotel as our secret location. The stunning terrace and elegant greenscape provided a great backdrop with breath-taking harbour views to be had. Th event featured decor vignettes and four entertainment acts, creating a new experience for the city. Once again partnering with The Social Concierge and the London Chef, the prooduction of the event and the food & beverage were world-class. Over 1,700 diners converged and shared food, wine, and stories while dancing the night away.

Whispers. Chatter. Conversations. We’re starting to hear people talk about events again…

Though the excitement is undeniable, we’re still practicing cautious optimism. But things are changing and improving, and the future looks promising. But just to let you know…

Brink Events is still around. We haven’t gone anywhere.

In fact, we’re more excited than ever about the event industry as we move forward. We truly believe that humans thrive on social interaction and engagement, and it’s been sorely missed. We can’t wait for the day we’re able to bring everyone back together.

Though we don’t have a specific timeline for the return, we want to open conversations. Please reach out to us if you have an event in mind or any questions. We have no doubt that things are going to get busy, so we want to start the dialogue now. We can’t wait to hear from you.

All the best and stay safe.

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