Schibli Stedman King Christmas Party 2014


Schibli Stedman King

About This Project

Founded in 1976, Schibli Stedman King is a comprehensive, multifaceted chartered professional accounting firm recognized for their highly customized approach to tax and business planning. Their team of professionals develop and implement innovative solutions for a wide range of personal and small business clients.

The team at Schibli Stedman King enlisted Brink Events for their 2014 staff Christmas party. They want a new, unique feel for this annual event and gave us full creative freedom. We chose a boutique modern art gallery as a backdrop for this upscale affair, then we layered with hand-passed canapes and a sparkling reception to start followed by a 5-course deconstructed turkey dinner and full complimentary beverage service. Winter-themed decor and a top-notch cover further added to the evening, ultimately culminating in a memorable evening for all and a very happy client.