“Creating unique social experiences through event design…”

Aidan Henry profile

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Brink Events is an award-winning event design agency based out of Victoria, Canada. The full-service event company specializes in unique social events and high-end private parties for corporations and individuals. Brink Events has been featured in Douglas Magazine, Boulevard Magazine, and the Times Colonist.

Brink Events was founded by Aidan Henry – a creative visionary when it comes to event design. His imaginative concepts and ideas have transformed elegant venues into spectacular social events. Aidan holds a business degree from the University of Victoria and has many years of event experience in the entertainment and hospitality industry. He currently serves as a Director of Marketing & Communication on the ISES Vancouver (http://www.isesvancouver.com/) Board of Directors.

Brink Events also runs the highly-touted “CODE” private party series in the Victoria area. Looking to improve upon the quality social events, the company strives to take the quality of sophisticated nightlife to a whole new level with unique elements and surprise twists.

Brink Events is a member of the ISES Vancouver, the Young Entrepreneurs Society of Victoria, and the Victoria Chamber of Commerce.

For more information about the CODE private party series or if you’d like us to design your next event, please e-mail us at info@brinkevents.ca.