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Brink Events is an award-winning event design agency specializing in galas, signature events, cocktail receptions, corporate launches, and private parties. Our full-service agency is capable of handling all facets of event planning, event management, and destination management company (DMC) services. Having produced extraordinary experiences in Victoria, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and beyond, Brink Events is committed to designing and hosting the highest quality social events.


Turning an event vision into a reality requires careful attention to detail and a keen eye for design. The meticulous weaving of the story into the event elements is what sets Brink Events apart.


Transitioning from the design to the planning stage is a delicate process that must take into account many factors including logistics, timing, and budget. Brink Events can seamlessly integrate all aspects into a cohesive and comprehensive plan.


A great event plan is important, but flawless production of the actual event is crucial. Months of planning come down to a few moments when event success and glory can be achieved with proper execution.

Unique Event Design

At Brink Events, we carefully integrate all details into the vision. Our knowledge and expertise extend far beyond the basic elements of an event. Through creativity and imagination, we’re able to add extra layers of depth to produce a truly unique and engaging experience. This is what we do best.

We create the ultimate guest experience through event design. Specializing in social events means that we’re fully capable of handling all facets of the event including food & beverage service, entertainment, sound & lighting, event decor, floral, photography, logistics, and more.

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Whispers. Chatter. Conversations. We’re starting to hear people talk about events again…

Though the excitement is undeniable, we’re still practicing cautious optimism. But things are changing and improving, and the future looks promising. But just to let you know…

Brink Events is still around. We haven’t gone anywhere.

In fact, we’re more excited than ever about the event industry as we move forward. We truly believe that humans thrive on social interaction and engagement, and it’s been sorely missed. We can’t wait for the day we’re able to bring everyone back together.

Though we don’t have a specific timeline for the return, we want to open conversations. Please reach out to us if you have an event in mind or any questions. We have no doubt that things are going to get busy, so we want to start the dialogue now. We can’t wait to hear from you.

All the best and stay safe.

Brink Events

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