Diner En Blanc 2019



Diner En Blanc
About This Project

Diner En Blanc is a secret pop-up picnic and a worldwide phenomenon. Invited guests dress in white and converge for an amazing evening of great food, wine, and music among friends and family. It has been deemed one of the most intimate, elegant evenings you will ever attend. The fusion of French culture, decorum, etiquette, magnificence, and harmony creates a night of magical bliss. Brink Events produces the Victoria event.

Using the Inner Harbour as a backdrop, the event unfolded in a secluded parking lot just down from Wharf Street. This 7th installment took advantage of beautiful weather and seaside sights to create the base for an incredible evening. Over 800 guests took part in the annual dinner, and energetic vibes were abound! As always, food, wine, and dancing took center stage, as guests indulged throughout the night – finishing off with the always incredible sparkler moment! What a beautiful evening it was…

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