House of Distinction III



House of Distinction
About This Project

House of Distinction is an exclusive private supper club series where invited guests are able to support charity while enjoying the grandeur of stunning homes. It twists the traditional charity dinner into a unique and captivating evening full of lustre. The social series was created and is produced by Brink Events. House of Distinction aims to revolutionize the gala experience with a truly remarkable guest experience, while minimizing expenses and maximizing funds for charity. The series offers a vast array of benefits to guests including access to stunning multi-million dollar residences, reception-style dinner with world-class delicacies, complimentary beverage service, exceptional entertainment, limousine transportation, and most importantly – a prominent, invite-only guestlist.

The third installment of the House of Distinction series continued to build off the success of the first two gala fundraisers. Guests were treated to a first-class experience from opening reception to last call at the residence. An exquisite menu and top-notch service throughout ensured a perfect evening for all in attendance. InspireHealth, the benefiting charity of the evening, was able to create awareness and spread their message amongst the crowd, while significant funds were raised to help provide valuable education, programs, and support services to those affected by cancer.