The Fine Grain


Japan Rice and Rice Industry
Export Promotion Association

About This Project

The Japan Rice and Rice Industry Export Promotion Association is a Japanese based industry group aimed at promoting the export and consumption of Japanese rice and rice-based products.

In late 2016, the group contacted Brink Events in need of a timely planner for a new, signature event to be held in January 2017. After a full-blown creative process, a name (“The Fine Grain”) and identity were established. In addition, the structure of this awards show was established and 3 of the top chefs, mixologists, and food judges in the city were sought. At this point, Brink Events began the event design and production process, delicately planning the event layout and itinerary. Full decor, floral, lighting, and furniture were integrated to create an eye-catching and unique experience. Add to that exquisite cuisine, tantalizing cocktails, and amazing entertainment, and guests were treated to a world-class experience.

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