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Brink Events - The Exclusive Event Planner for the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Design Process
Photos from Diner En Blanc Victoria 2013
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Design Process
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Brink Events is a boutique event design agency located in Victoria, BC specializing in unique social events and exquisite private party planning.

Brink Events is committed to designing and hosting the highest quality social events. We carefully integrate all aspects and details into the experience. Our knowledge and expertise extend far beyond the basic elements of an event. The ability to add extra layers of depth and creativity requires imagination and practicality – this is what we do best. We create the ultimate guest experience through event design…

Specializing in social events means that we’re fully capable of handling all facets of the event including music, food, bar services, event decor, photography/video, and more. Our event planning and event management background will also help with operational tasks and logistics.

Please call us at (250) 882-9691 to let us know how we can make your social event as memorable as possible…

CODE Exclusive Private Party Series

Forget nightclubs. Think mansions, yachts, penthouses, and castles instead… Brink Events is launching a private party series in Victoria called CODE. Think of it as a new party experience for the 25+ crowd. These are the parties your friend’s friend heard about…

Fill in your e-mail below for exclusive details of the launch. You don’t want to miss out. It’s time to get excited about partying in the city again…

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