Seaspan Victoria – Holiday Party 2018



About This Project

Brink Events was both excited and grateful to be designing the 2018 Seaspan holiday party. This ambitious inaugural celebration grew from an initial guest count of 500 to 1,000 guests, creating both challenges and opportunities. For the general look and theme, we chose red – the traditional corporate colour of Seaspan. Though red can be deep and heavy, we took a light approach when integrating this lush colour. Our main areas of integration included the lighting and the linens. Beyond that, we went with a beautiful, yet simple variety of white floral arrangements and draping throughout the space. The layout itself had to incorporate both form & function – with over 1,000 guests flowing through the space. An assortment of round sit-down tables, stand-up cocktail tables, and lounge seating provided everyone with a comfortable place to rest or eat. The vibe and feel in the room was electric. Guests walked away with stories and memories… and we hope these photos are able to capture some of the magic. Enjoy!