Shaw Cable Victoria – Holiday Party 2018


Shaw Cable

About This Project

Brink Events was once again honoured to be designing and producing the Shaw Cable 2018 holiday party in Victoria. It marked the second year since our inaugural “Winter Wonderland” bash. We also had the pleasure of adding Nanaimo to the portfolio with a separate (yet incredible!) holiday party. After some creative brainstorming and idea generation, we chose the colour purple as our theme for this year. Not only was it the Pantone Colour of the Year, but it also signifies royalty, luxury, wisdom, dignity, and mystery – all unique and fitting elements for this one-of-a-kind celebration. The elegance and extravagance of the colour itself made it an easy choice.

Interestingly, we were also tasked with producing the Seaspan holiday party the next day in the same room. For them, we chose the colour red – their corporate colour. But due to limited time and logistical constraints, we knew we had to do something innovative and flexible. Working with DL Sound as the lead on the sound & lighting and Decorate Victoria as the lead on the decor and visuals, we were able to sprinkle in beautiful elements of white floral, a draped entrance tunnel with chandeliers, custom bars, exquisite linen, an assortment of beautiful chairs, draped bars, a prominent chandelier in the centre of the main room, and a DJ booth surrounded with over 200 candles varying in size and height. It’s hard to explain how these elements all come together. Words don’t do it justice. So, please enjoy these photos… as much as we loved creating these moments.